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Focus on the Bible: Revelation - FB

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Focus on the Bible: Revelation - FB
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Focus on the Bible: Revelation - FB

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Focus on the Bible: Revelation - FB
Publisher: Christian Focus
Author: Paul Gardner


It is ironical that a book called 'the revelation' remains probably the most obscure of all the books of the Bible. Many Christians have never ventured further than the first 3 chapters and others have studied its intricacies and the split churches that resulted wished that they hadn't!

For those who already love the book of Revelation this commentary will take you a little deeper and stimulate thinking about how the teaching should be applied to the modern church.

Paul Gardner is also the author of Ephesians: Encouragement and Joy in Christ and 1&2 Peter and Jude in the Focus on the Bible commentary series.

Focus on the Bible commentaries are popular level commentaries especially useful for pastors and small group leaders. They are also useful for personal devotions and spiritual growth. The series holds to the inerrancy of scripture and the uniqueness of Christ in salvation.


"The Book of Revelation is demanding reading for most Christians and the instinct is to reach for help. It is good, then, to know that there are easy-to-read, reliable commentaries available like this latest offering,subtitled The Compassion and Protection of Christ... For those seeking help with Revelation, this book can be strongly recommended." - Evangelical Times

"Here is a detailed explanation, verse by verse, of what the text actually means, exploring its Old Testament roots, unpacking its potent symbolism, but above all applying its message, personally and pastorally." - David Jackman, Past President, The Proclamation Trust, London

"It is my sincere hope that every evangelical will read this commentary on Revelation. Paul Gardner has given us an in-depth, but clear, approach. He avoids the host of radical interpretations that are available today. His insights into the meaning of this book will touch every dimension of the Christian life." - Richard Pratt, President, Third Millennium Ministries, Orlando, Florida

"This is a brilliant commentary that deserves a wide readership. It is lucid, sane, helpful and well applied Revelation is a book of enormous encouragement to Christians and it needs deliverance from the way it has been misused by many. Paul's are a safe pair of hands to guide you through. I warmly and highly recommend this commentary." - Wallace Benn, Retired Bishop of Lewes, Sussex, England

Dr. Paul Gardner was previously a lecturer in New Testament at Oak Hill Theological College in London and a Rural Dean in the Church of England. In 2005, after serving as Archdeacon of Exeter for three years, Dr. Gardner moved to the United States and now serves as the Senior Minister at Christ Church Presbyterian, Atlanta, Georgia.

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