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Mulligan: A Parable of Second Chances

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Mulligan: A Parable of Second Chances
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Mulligan: A Parable of Second Chances

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Title: Mulligan: A Parable of Second Chances
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Wally Armstrong, Ken Blanchard and Arte Johnson
Narrated by Arte Johnson
Length: 2 hrs. 52 min.


Now a major motion picture!

Everyone deserves a second chance on the course--and in life. Join golf pro Wally Armstrong and author Ken Blanchard as they condense decades of practical know-how into a simple book with an incredible, inspiring message: sometimes we all need a mulligan.

Meet Paul McAllister. An Ivy League-educated founder of a multimillion-dollar business, Paul was a success in almost everything except life and golf. It only took one Pro-Am afternoon, one short putt, and one airborne putter to send his world flying in a different direction: a mulligan!

Golf's gracious do-over, a mulligan, was the beginning of Paul's own second chance. Guided by the wisdom and advice of an old pro, Paul learned about priorities, self-confidence, and playing a good game both on and off the course. You'll learn all about:

  • The importance of friendships
  • The true meaning of forgiveness
  • Detaching from outcomes and embracing positivity
  • The value of having mentors to guide you along the way

Written in a parable style, The Mulligan will give you a second chance to change it all, improving your life and your golf game along the way.

Praise for The Mulligan:

"Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard not only understand golf, but life and the value of relationships. They have put together a story that should warm your heart, help your golf game, and just may touch your life."

--Jack Nicklaus, golf legend and 1974 inductee to the World Golf Hall of Fame

"For those who have learned that golf is more than just a game, The Mulligan will be welcome reading that will provide helpful insights not just for their golf game, but for their lives as well."

--Ben Crenshaw, two-time Masters Champion and 2002 inductee to the World Golf Hall of Fame

ISBN: 9780310598848

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