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Uncommen Devotional Set: Husbands, Dads, Leaders (9 Vols.)

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Uncommen Devotional Set: Husbands, Dads, Leaders (9 Vols.)
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Uncommen Devotional Set: Husbands, Dads, Leaders (9 Vols.)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Uncommen Devotional Set: Husbands, Dads, Leaders (9 Vols.)
Publisher: Uncommen
Author: Uncommen


A scripture. A devotion. A challenge.

Grounded and realistic, each Uncommen study is designed to make you better in the many roles you have taken on in life - as a husband, a dad, or a leader. Starting with the Word of God, they expand further on their subjects and then end with a challenge to apply the principal to your life.

Uncommen Husband
The Bible has a lot to say about marriage, but sometimes interpreting its wisdom in day-to-day life is a challenge. In this series of devotionals you will probably encounter some aspects of your marriage that you never thought about before. Tackling both the truly spiritual and more practical aspects of your relationship, the variety of authors in this devotional series will assist you in being a better man, husband, and Christian.
Uncommen Husband, Volume 1
Uncommen Husband, Volume 2
Uncommen Husbands, Volume 3

Uncommen Dad
Being a great dad can be a struggle. Somethings you get it right, sometimes things could have gone better. In this special series from Uncommen, gain wisdom from a variety of authors in all walks of life who share about this God-given assignment known as fatherhood. This devotional is designed to help you tap biblical wisdom to go beyond routine fatherhood to being an extraordinary force in raising your children. Gain both theoretical and practical insights from folks just like you who have experienced both the transcendent joy and unfathomable pain that loving your children creates.
Uncommen Dad, Volume 1
Uncommen Dad, Volume 2
Uncommen Dads, Volume 3

Uncommen Leader
The role of leader is not an easy one, and some days are going to be better than others. Whether it is keeping your ego in line, dealing with opposition, or examining your heart, there are issues to be surfaced and acted on. Join with the various authors in these short devotionals to examine and improve yourself and your leadership in all the roles God calls you to.
Uncommen Leader, Volume 1
Uncommen Leader, Volume 2
Uncommen Leaders, Volume 3

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