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Literary Devices in John's Gospel

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Literary Devices in John's Gospel
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Literary Devices in John's Gospel

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Title: Literary Devices in John's Gospel
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: David W Wead, Paul N Anderson and R. Alan Culpepper


As an interdisciplinary forerunner of the new literary approaches to gospel narratives over the last four decades in New Testament scholarship, the revised and expanded monograph by David Wead makes a timely contribution to the advancement of those studies. Rooted in comparative analyses of contemporary Hellenistic and Jewish literary techniques, and drawing from the best of Continental scholarship, Wead not only points Johannine scholars to relevant ancient resources, but his analyses prepare the way for fresh interpretations of John's story of Jesus today. Published originally in Switzerland, this book was overlooked by many scholars, to the detriment of their work. However, in addressing such themes as John's post-resurrection point of view, the Johannine sign, the Johannine double meaning, irony in the Fourth Gospel, and metaphor in the Fourth Gospel, Wead's work is now available to new generations of scholars, who will find his work both instructive and provocative. This newly revised and expanded edition, edited by Paul Anderson and Alan Culpepper, not only includes a new epilogue by David Wead, featuring new reflections and insights, but it also includes an expansive overview of the literature--before and after Wead's work--including a helpful assessment of Wead's monograph in service to ongoing Johannine scholarship. No serious study of Gospel literary features, devices, and strategies can afford to overlook this important book!
ISBN: 9781532647222

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