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Good Tidings of Great Joy

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Good Tidings of Great Joy
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Good Tidings of Great Joy

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Good Tidings of Great Joy
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Thomas Nelson
Narrated by Simon Bubb and Jude Mason
Length: hrs. 40 min.


Engage with the story of Jesus’ birth in a unique way that’s sure to become a treasured holiday tradition.

His coming went unnoticed by most people, but it was foretold from ages past.

His birth wasn’t announced by royal proclamation, but it was lauded by the angels of heaven.

There were no servants to attend Him, but shepherds left their flocks and wise men left their homes to catch a glimpse of His glory.

At Christmastime, we gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, an event that forever changed our world—and the hearts of billions. And there’s no better way to get in the true Christmas spirit than to immerse yourself in the story of His coming. Good Tidings of Great Joy is the story of the first Christmas as told by the Bible. Every word comes from the New King James Version of the Scriptures, but elements have been arranged to create one unbroken narrative, ideal for reading.

Thoughtfully designed, this book is the perfect addition to your holiday traditions. Read it together as a family or cozy up near the fireplace by yourself to reflect on the day that the Son of God left His heavenly throne to be placed in a humble manger.


• The complete story of the first Christmas as told in the Old and New Testaments

• Full-color illustrated design, ideal for group reading with all ages

• Index of verses cited for later study

• Six bonus Christmas hymns to enhance family worship

• Record section of family readings

• Special removable advent calendar included

ISBN: 9780785239307

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