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Three Colors of Complicity

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Three Colors of Complicity
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Three Colors of Complicity

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Three Colors of Complicity
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Jemar Tisby
Narrated by Jemar Tisby
Length: hrs. 47 min.


Compromise has three colors.

The American church has a history of creating and maintaining racist ideas and practices. This audio original recording from NYT bestselling author Jemar Tisby is based on the themes introduced in The Color of Compromise but goes a step further, showing how compromise has three distinct colors: green, white, and red. Green represents the greed than accompanies support of racism. It is white, representing the white supremacy that views white people as inherently superior to other skin colors. And it is red, representing the blood that has been spilled--and continues to be shed--to fight against racism. Tisby offers a powerful challenge to avoid complicity with racism by taking a bold stand for racial justice, starting today.

ISBN: 9780310133223

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