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Advancing Christian Unity

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Advancing Christian Unity
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Advancing Christian Unity

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Advancing Christian Unity
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Author: Anthony Burgess and Matthew Vogan


In John 17, Jesus prayed for the unity of the church. Yet today, we tend to accept disunity as inevitable. In this book, Anthony Burgess calls us to addresses the spiritual and visible unity that Jesus desires for His people. Burgess speaks of how union and communion with Christ and His people are “the life and comfort of believers.” Giving careful consideration of what Christian unity should look like, Burgess excels at uncovering common causes of division and promoting means to advance unity among God’s people.

Series Description

Interest in the Puritans continues to grow, but many people find reading these giants of the faith a bit unnerving. This series seeks to overcome that barrier by presenting Puritan books that are convenient in size and unintimidating in length. Each book is carefully edited with modern readers in mind, smoothing out difficult language of a bygone era while retaining the meaning of the original authors. Books for the series are thoughtfully selected to provide some of the best counsel on important subjects that people continue to wrestle with today.

Table of Contents:
1. The Blessing of Unity Among Ministers
2. The Pattern for Unity Among Ministers
3. The Nature of Christian Unity
4. The Necessity of Christian Unity
5. The Reason for the Lack of Christian Unity
6. The Characteristics of Christian Unity
7. The Rules for Christian Unity
8. The Expansion of Christian Unity
9. The Value of Christian Unity
10. The Perfection of Christian Unity

ISBN: 9781601787132

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