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Moses: The Servant of the Lord

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Moses: The Servant of the Lord
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Moses: The Servant of the Lord

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Moses: The Servant of the Lord
Publisher: CLC Publications
Author: F.B. Meyer


F.B. Meyer penned biographies of the most famous Biblical figures, including the mouthpiece of God and leader of Israel, Moses. In Moses: The Servant of the Lord Meyer sketches Moses as a man just like any other man, set apart by his faith in God and commitment to be a servant of the Lord. This picture of Moses, drawn in such great detail by Meyer's masterful prose, paints a portrait of Moses from his humble beginnings in the reeds of Egypt through his palace life, desert wanderings, prophetic testimony to Pharaoh, faithful leadership for forty years in the wilderness of Sinai, to his burial by the Lord "in a valley in the land of Moab." This eBook is filled with the practical applications that are a hallmark of F. B. Meyer's writings. "As the rod was in the hands of Moses, so Moses was in the hand of God; and so may each of us be, if only we yield ourselves implicitly to him for service. "

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One of the greatly loved preachers of his day, Frederick Brotherton Meyer was a pastor, author, Bible teacher and evangelist. He was born in London in 1847 and grew up in a Christian home. In 1895 he went to Christ Church in London, with only 100 attending. Within two years he was preaching regularly to over 2,000. He remained there for fifteen years and then began a ministry of conference preaching and evangelism, traveling to South Africa and the Far East on mission endeavors. He returned to England to pastor for several years before he died in 1929.

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